Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting Ready for Camps

A summer evening up at Malenovice, our JV training center, is always delightful.

But it's made all the better when there are dear people up there, getting ready to serve at another round of camps here in the Czech Republic next week!

American team training, for churches who've brought a group to serve at an English or Fusion camp, began on Tuesday evening and finishes up Friday morning.

Some of the groups will then travel to their camp locations and meet up with the Czech churches they're partnering with to get to know each other before campers arrive on Saturday. Other teams stay right at Malenovice because two camps are happening there next week; one will be in the main hotel and the other down in the village where the cabins are.

All the camps will be using our theme "You Are Here" to go through a series of talks that unfold the Gospel to the campers over the course of the week. Besides learning English or doing music at Fusion camps, they'll have discussion groups, play games, sing songs, build relationships, take hikes, and learn the theme song, complete with our annual version of a camp dance!

Dancing to "Speed of Love" by Owl City!

Whenever Dave's home during these team training days, he likes the opportunity to share the JV story with those who come to Malenovice. I've heard (and lived!) the story for 22 years, but I never get tired of it!

One of the joys of these training days is getting to know people from churches all over the States. Last night there was a team from Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arizona! These teams raise their own funds, take off time from work, use vacation days, and give up two weeks of their life to come GIVE their lives to young people across Central and Eastern Europe. We couldn't do these camps without them!

The team from Harvest Bible Chapel, Orlando

In just two days, tables like this will be full of young people, many who have never heard the Gospel.

Would you take a moment to stop and pray right now? Pray for God's movement among young people all over the region who will be hearing about Him this coming week, some for the first time. May the power of the Gospel penetrate hearts, and may many be drawn to him in the days ahead.

We just got an update from Caleb and Haley in Bulgaria, where they too are reaching out to young people with our JV Bulgaria team this summer. This short video will give you a little glimpse into what a week of camp is like in Bulgaria, which is similar to other camps that will be going on this coming week. Enjoy a glimpse into their world!

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