Monday, July 27, 2015

Perfect Sunday Morning

Yesterday, a beautiful Sunday in Frydlant, was one of those magical days where you feel the presence of God in creation and in his people.

We held our church service outdoors, in the beauty of our Beskydy Mountains.

With power from a generator, sitting under the shadow of our local reservoir, we worshipped with our regular church family, with the team from Lancaster, PA who have been here for English camp this past week, and with guests who came for a special event during the service.

Dave preached on Psalm 23, leading us through it in a way I'd never heard before! Sharing stories from his grandfather's farm days raising sheep, he spoke so winsomely about how we can trust the good Shepherd when we know him.

This dear woman has known the Good Shepherd for many, many years...93 to be exact! Her daughter and son-in-law brought her to the service where she watched from the car.

Her daughter asked me to take the picture and I'm so glad I did! Isn't she lovely?!

As we sat outside, the morning sunshine was brilliant, making it necessary for these 'soon-to-deliver' friends to use a little protection from its potency!

The mommy with the polka dot umbrella delivered her baby 15 hours later!

The main reason for our service being outside was the baptism of these five dear young believers who were making their public declaration of faith for all to hear, including many of their family members who don't yet know the Lord.

After Dave finished preaching, we all made our way down to the river where our pastor led the baptism part of service for the girls.

With 130 people there, some watched from the bridge, while others were down at the water's edge.

One of the girls from the American team played her ukelele and sang a dedication song for the girls that was absolutely precious, and brought such a wonderful atmosphere to the service.

Soon, each one made her way into the water, accompanied by our pastor and by a special person of their choosing.

This is one of the elements of our baptismal services that I love the most! Each person brings with them someone who has made an impact on them spiritually to be with them as they go down into the water.

Despite some pretty cold water, there was such joy as each one went into the water and came back out, making their public declaration of love for Jesus.

Afterward we came back up for a wonderful barbecue, made possible by a whole lot of servant hearted people in our church.

And organized by this guy, one of the elders in our church!

"Thanks Petr for making all of that possible!!"

Her first time back at our church since Christmas, Claire had a lot of sweet reunions with friends of all ages.

Including a teacher of hers from elementary school in Frydlant! This dear woman is the one who brought her mother to the service!

Though she attends a different church, she came because she'd heard that three of her former elementary school students were being baptized! No doubt she prayed for some of them during her many years as a teacher. I love that she saw the fruit of those prayers yesterday!

A few other little friends of Claire were all too happy to take some pictures with her for me!

The ever amusing and delightful Stephens' twins!

All too soon our church day in the mountains ended, but with the sweetest of memories.

I'm so proud of our little Frydlant church and how well it reaches out with the Gospel, loves on all who come, and is producing the sweetest of fruit in the lives of many.

This is what church is all about.


  1. What a sweet post about our church with amazing pictures of it all! We really couldn't have had better weather that day, could we?!

  2. It was such a Blessed Sunday! Amazing time and atmosphere.... Great pictures!!!