Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Evening

Sunday evenings have always been one of my favorite times of the week.

When our kids were at home, it was the evening we set aside for 'family nights', our time to connect, learn different things, pray and be together.

Of course now they're all grown up and spread out across the world, at least right now! So Sunday evenings are about different things these days.

Tonight Dave had a meeting, so I went out for an evening stroll on the country roads near us.

Just down the road two minutes, I caught that guy above hanging out in a yard, eating grass. We stood and stared at each other for several minutes before I thought to take out my phone and get his picture!

That started me thinking I should keep it handy for whatever else might show up on my walk, other than my trusty walking buddy! :)

If the sky looks lavender or purple to you in the next picture, then you're seeing what I saw as I looked out towards the little airport near our house! It really looked like that.

But as the light began to fade, the colors began to change. Just a few minutes down the road, looking out the other direction towards Lysa Hora (the highest point in our mountain range) the sky had a completely different hue.

And yet again, another color change as we headed across the fields.

Everywhere I looked, the sky changed and made it look like I was in an ever-changing painting!

In one direction there were a certain type of clouds, and in the other direction, another kind. I couldn't believe how many different scenes unfolded in front of my eyes!

We walked much farther and longer than expected, but I didn't want to miss the beauty of the evening so we just kept walking.

Eventually we returned home as darkness set in. I'm glad I got out to enjoy a summer evening sky and all its beauty!

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