Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where Are They?

All my sweeties (aka: kids and daughter-in-laws) are in various parts of the States and Europe these days.

What are they up to? Glad you asked!

Tyler is in the middle of an intensive Hebrew summer class at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School right now, part of his Master's degree work there. It's a semester's worth of course work over a three week period of time. Yikes! Good thing he loves Hebrew!

Lara, his lovely wife and soon to be mom of their son, is doing great in her pregnancy. And looking absolutely adorable! We're all looking forward to meeting that little man this fall.

Across the ocean, on our side of the world, Caleb and Haley are on yet another adventure camp this week in Bulgaria, part of their summer internship with Josiah Venture.

Tomorrow Caleb will be in a Bulgarian church, preaching his first sermon. They still have three more camps to go before finishing mid-August. We continue to pray for a rich harvest of fruit as they share and live out the Gospel with young people in that country.

Claire just finished her time at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan where she's been serving this summer. Today she'll say goodbye to her friends and teammates there, be picked up by Tyler and Lara to head down to Chicago where she'll spend the night with them.

After celebrating Tyler's 25th birthday tomorrow (celebration tomorrow, birthday on Monday the 20th), she'll get on a plane and fly across the ocean towards home. She hasn't been here in seven months so it's pretty special to think of having her here until mid-August!

This mama definitely loves all her sweeties! And I'm glad they're all doing what they love, serving the Lord in their various places in the world.


  1. Aw! Such different worlds! But I love it! I'll be joining you in your world soon! :)

  2. Mel and I just prayed for all your "sweeties" this morning -each in their own place and calling. This "aunt and uncle" love them dearly and are so proud of the way they are following their Savior. We are in their corner and cheering them on from here. Loved this little update and so excited for you to be picking your girl up soon! Hug her for me! ENJOY!