Thursday, July 30, 2015

Evening Drive

A few weeks ago Dave and I took an evening drive up into the mountains. As we drove I had a realization: If you blindfolded me, dropped me in by helicopter and walked me down into this area, I'd know exactly where I was!

These iconic images of the Beskydy Mountains (where we live) are happily seared into my memory. Things like those tall fir trees, with Czech cottages nestled below.

And red roofs, window boxes full of red geraniums, and hand-crafted gates where no two are alike.

Those doors, that railing, the white lattice and the unpainted plaster on the house - these are images that capture this area.

It's also winding driveways up to cottages, and grass growing down the middle of said driveways. Even the red and white striped road sign is iconic to me!

The wooden siding and white windows, the barn next door with stacks of wood nearby, and even the telephone lines feel so familiar and comforting to me.

As are the small personal "chaty" (cottages) scattered across the hillside.

And last, but not least, the garden paraphernalia that perhaps is not iconic to the Beskydy's, but certainly present! It never ceases to make me giggle a little when I see one of those silly gnomes peeking out from somewhere!

These are not touristy places, or anything really special. But it's comforting signs of "home" to me.

I wonder what you would show me about where YOU live if you were writing this blog post!

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