Friday, July 31, 2015

In Search of Coffee

Nearly twelve hours have passed and this is still giving me the giggles.

Random pony, tied up to a garbage can, in a section of Ostrava this afternoon...this is what has me giggling.

And not just one pony, but two!

I honestly have no idea whatsoever as to the reason for their presence at an outdoor shopping area Claire and I visited today. But it sure did tickle some funny bone of mine seeing them!

We were actually in search of a coffee shop I'd heard about from some of our teammates. GPS took me to a back parking lot that honestly looked quite un-promising. And even a stop into a drugstore to ask about it left us no closer to finding it.

But we persevered and finally found it upstairs in a very quiet section of the shopping mall.

I first learned of Laura Coffee this winter while at the train station in Ostrava where they have an outdoor cart. But today Claire and I got to experience the actual cafe and roasting center!

While the entrance was cute, the view out of the window left a little to be desired.

But the atmosphere inside was charming, and the coffee (a Chemex brew!) was delightful!

It's hard to imagine that the cutest coffee shop I now know of in Ostrava is located in such a crazy area of town! I would never have expected it to be here, nor to be so darling. But there it is. I'm sure I'll be back.

Claire and I enjoyed a sweet hour together and left feeling filled up with a good memory of fun conversation and yummy coffee from this part of Ostrava!

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