Saturday, July 11, 2015

Becoming Works of Art

A few days ago I received news from friends.

After experiencing significant health challenges with their kids these past few years, now the mom has been diagnosed with her own health difficulty and it's not a small one.

My heart ached for them after reading their news which led me to write this letter:

Dear Ones,

It's taken me a day to process with the Lord this latest news of yours before I could respond back to you. At first I said to the him, "REALLY??? Haven't they been through enough??" I was soooo sorry to hear about this latest news of trouble. It took me a bit to talk through it with him and move on from that place of being frustrated and angry about it, as I'm sure you're either in the midst of, or have already moved on from. 

Ironically/coincidentally/sovereignly, I'd just read something in Streams in the Desert that I've not been able to get out of my mind. Do you have that devotional? It was July 7th's entry. It talked about the famous stones from Pebble Beach in California, and how everyone wants one of 'those' stones because of their beauty. 

It also talked about how there's another beach just around the point where the waves are not thundering day and night...there are stones there too. 

The difference in the stones? The ones on Pebble Beach are remarkably smooth, beautiful and much desired. The ones on the other beach are rough, angular and devoid of beauty. 

Of course you can imagine the reason why the ones on Pebble Beach turned out to be so was the constant crashing of the waves that tossed them mercilessly, turning them into little works of art. The other beach had no turmoil, thus its rocks were nothing special.

You two are becoming something SOOOO extraordinary in this process of turmoil. I hate it...and I love it. 

I wish there was another way to become that beautiful stone...but there's not. And for whatever reason, God's chosen both of you to be in this process of constantly being rubbed, rolled, tossed and churned. And you're truly becoming little works of art that most importantly reflect HIM!!! I am so proud of you for how you've responded time and time again these past couple of years to difficulty, and see you doing the same right now.

So I stand with you in prayer and friendship, cheering for you, believing God in the midst of this, and trusting that the result of a lot of suffering will produce (and IS producing already!) something extraordinary.

I love you both and see the hand of God in your lives, lovingly at work. Thanks for submitting to it and trusting Him with it.

With love,

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