Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gull Lake Surprise

Our Claire is on summer staff at Gull Lake Ministries right now, serving as a counselor in this incredible family camp setting.

"Claire, I love that you're wearing the JV camp t-shirt!"

Dave's had the privilege of speaking at Gull Lake every other year since 2008 (and will be back in 2016!), but since this is the "off" year, we didn't make it up there to see her while we were in the States.

But, to my delight, Dave was able to drive up to Michigan yesterday and see her!

You can imagine how fun it was to wake up to these sweet pictures this morning!

Claire comes home to Czech later this month. I can't wait to see her soon too!

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  1. I'm finally taking time to read through a few of your blog posts that I've missed and of course I am so happy that it was dad-daughter day at Gull Lake! Way to go Dave in pursuing your daughter's heart and making her feel extra loved by you!!!! YAY!!!!