Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Across the Border

Twenty three years ago, in May 1993, Dave and I walked through this little town in southern Poland contemplating what God's plan was for our family.

Wisła, a popular tourist destination, is a town not far over the border from the Czech Republic. It was one of the places we visited as we searched for where God would have us begin the ministry of Josiah Venture.

In the months following that visit, it became clear that we were to move to the Czech Republic, and that our teammates, Dan and Laura Hash, were to go to Poland. They moved to Ustron, the town next door to Wisła, and began JV's ministry to young people in Poland.

I remember meeting believers and attending a Christian concert in Wisła during that May visit, wondering if this is where we would live and share our lives. Of course that isn't what happened, but I still have a soft place in my heart for this town.

Thankfully I get to visit every now and then, such as today.

My friend Kelly, from the States, is here again with her husband for ELF, (the European Leadership Forum that Dave is at this week too), so we had our traditional afternoon together!

After a leisurely and most enjoyable lunch over in Ustron, we wandered through Wisła for a bit in search of some Polish pottery. Sadly, we didn't find much. But I had to laugh at what I DID see in a shop.

Who still knows about Barney??

I do think this toy is seriously mislabeled though. That is definitely not Baby Bop! I would know; Barney and Baby Bop were important characters in our home oh so long ago. :) How times and toys change through the years!

Yet, this town stays the same in many ways. What a delightful spring day across the border in the pretty town Wisła!

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