Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The migraine that kicked up on Sunday as we began our trip home from the States, returned in full force this morning when I woke up. Despite all my best efforts, it hung on all day making it impossible to do anything but stay in bed in our darkened room.

While it's painful and definitely not pleasant, I've come to peace with these migraines.

I didn't fight it, but instead focused on enjoying my little dog curled up beside me while I listened to the rain falling outside. As I lay in bed all day, it gave me time to remember the sweetness of this past week-end, and thankfully backed off enough by this evening to let me write a blog post.

We all convened at Tyler and Lara's home in Highland Park this past Friday evening for our "Patty Party" to celebrate Caleb's college graduation and Haley's upcoming birthday.

Since our family gatherings are few and far between, of course I wanted to get a photo altogether. Which is easier said than done when: A. We don't have a non-family member there to snap the photo and B. It's cold and rainy!

Thankfully Claire's camera and a tripod came to the rescue. And the rain? Well, we just had to endure it!

We ran out quickly to stand under a tree for a little bit of protection, laughing as we got into position.

What you don't see in this picture is Judah's coat, held by Tyler behind Lara's back! :) The crazy things you do for a photo!

I took the above photo on my phone.

But here's what it looked like from Claire's camera! (THANKS CLAIRE!)

We took several different poses altogether, hoping that one was a good one.

I think we did pretty good for being in the rain and using a tripod! You really can't tell it's raining, can you?!

As I lay here in bed writing this, I look at all those dear faces and think how very kind the Lord is to give me such a wonderful husband, dear children, sweet daughter-in-laws and a precious grandson.

I am grateful to Him for all these blessings.


  1. Oh, my Dearest! Hope migraine will leave your head soon! I have same problem past two days terrible strong migraine after longer time with nearly no migraines... Calebs Graduation great! Family pictures beautiful and last one should go to frame :) sooo good! Claire is simply great profesional and artist...

  2. What a good good gift He gave you...oh how I love all your dear faces! And I love even more that they are together! This is beautiful in every way! Praying you feel better today dear friend.

  3. Oh honey....I'm so sorry you had such a rough trip home and yet it's amazing that God worked a miracle by having that device IN the airport! Go Dave for being on task to hunt for a fix to help you. Love you and praying for a speedy recovery. :o)

  4. How is it possible that I was driving to CO just a week ago? And you were in Chicago a week ago? Wow!