Sunday, May 8, 2016

JV's Hidden Treasure

One of the hidden treasures of our Josiah Venture team are our JV Kids!

Starting at the top left corner, clockwise: Kylie from Slovenia, Becca from Slovenia, Ian from Slovakia, Kelsey from Poland

These four are this year's college-bound kids, the ones who we had to say goodbye to during Spring conference.

These kids are an amazing bunch who love Jesus and have fully lived their lives here as missionaries too. Each time we brought up a new one to say goodbye, anyone in the tent could give words of what we see in their lives, what we appreciate about them, how we've watched them grow, and what we're believing God for in their futures. Believe me, there was hardly a dry eye in the house during those goodbyes, as people spoke life-giving words over these dear ones.

We fully believe they are the next generation of world-changers for Christ. And think they are some of THE coolest teenagers ever! :)

But who is coming up behind them? Eight precious JV Babies!

We welcomed four new girls and four new boys into our JV family this morning, ranging in ages from almost a year down to just two weeks old!

And then we've got all of our amazing school age kids. What an awesome bunch they are!

After just four days in a program where they learned creative ways of how to worship God, they led us all in a beautiful church service this morning. What joy to hear them speaking Scripture and singing hymns of worship.

Great thanks to the team from Wheaton who came to teach our kids how to connect with and worship God in deep ways.

And thank you Lord for this amazing team of servants who are laying their lives down for the sake of the Gospel, adults and children alike.

We love them, we're proud of them, and we pray for God to pour out blessing on them as they continue to share the Gospel and disciple young people across Central and Eastern Europe.

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