Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday with the Patty's

Oh how we loved going over to Tyler and Lara's for breakfast this morning and finding these two there!

They drove in from Colorado last night since it's his graduation that we're all here for. SO good to hug them both!

But a little somebody thinks that his uncle came just to hang out with him.

And it's partly true! We all do like hanging out with Judah.

That little face just melts our hearts no matter where he is or what he's doing.

Judah just turned six months old and is getting more personality all the time!

In the evening, after Caleb got back from graduation rehearsal, we had the evening together as a family at Tyler and Lara's house.

Caleb knew it was a graduation party for him, but Haley didn't know we were celebrating her birthday too. So fun to surprise her!

All evening there was lots of laughter and joy as we gave gifts and words of affirmation.

This is the last time we'll all be together in Chicago (at least that we know of) since Tyler and Lara will be moving to Chattanooga this summer, Caleb and Haley already live in Colorado, and Claire has only one semester left at Moody.

What a good gift to have one more time with our precious kids in the city that has been their home for the past seven years (since Tyler first went to Moody). It has shaped them into who they are today and we're so grateful for all the Lord's done in their lives during these years.

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  1. I love sooo much those moments, your family's togethernes and love... enjoy!