Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happening Now at Malenovice

One of the most exuberant and dynamic weeks of the year is happening right now at Malenovice.

This year's group of 134 JV summer interns has arrived!

This is an amazing group of college age young people, giving their hearts and souls to a summer of ministry across Central and Eastern Europe. Listening to them worship last night was so moving. They love the Lord!!

Good Good Father from Connie Patty on Vimeo.

We have 92 North Americans and 42 Europeans serving in 13 countries this summer. They'll be involved in promoting camps in schools, building relationships with youth groups in local churches, spending weeks at camp sharing their lives and faith with non-believers, and doing follow-up after camp. They'll pray, serve, give, share, believe, trust and lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel. Pray for them!

This year's training is led by our new English camp director, Aleisha Stephens. She served as a summer intern back in 2002, and has been here in Czech with her husband and children for the past six years serving on our JV care team. She is passionate about the Lord, about summer camps, and about investing in the lives of our interns. We're so thankful for her!

Dave has the privilege of teaching the interns this year. Over the next five nights, he'll be sharing from God's word on the Father Heart of God, the topic that he wrote his book on (and that will be published soon!). I'm SO excited for the interns to spend this time thinking about their relationship with the Father.

One of the special things for us about intern training is hearing the stories about how interns found their way to JV. Some came as high schoolers with their US church youth group to serve at camp and are now here as college students for the summer. Some heard about it on their college campus during one of our recruitment tours. Some found us online.

But then there are stories like this one.

We've never met Regent. But his dad was one of Dave's college roommates during Bible school, and we served with his parents in Germany before he was even born! He will be serving on our team in Serbia this summer. I love how God weaves all of our stories together for His glory.

Pray for these summer interns, that God will not only use them to bring the Gospel to many, but that He will accomplish His will in their lives as well.

After all, it was a summer internship where God got ahold of my life, and I was never the same!

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