Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week-end with Family

This morning Dave and I woke up in Krakow, Poland.

We caught a flight to cloudy Munich. Then, after a cup of good German coffee, we got on another plane.

Nine hours later we landed in sunny Chicago.

And got to see these dear faces!!

Lara, Judah and Tyler

We're here in the States this week-end for our son Caleb's graduation from Moody Bible Institute. He and Haley are on their way, driving from Colorado, and will be here in the Chicago area later tonight. Claire is still in her apartment at Moody, but packing up for her summer in Colorado. We'll see all of them tomorrow.

What a treasured gift and privilege to get to see our family this week-end, including one precious little grandson!

You know how it is with babies...they change so fast. So it's special to see Judah after he's just turned 6 months old.

Dave and I both enjoyed him so much this afternoon, listening to his baby coos and watching all the ways he's engaging and interacting with his world and the people in it. He made Papa's day by giving him lots of grins!

This little guy has such a sweet, happy spirit. It was a lot of fun just enjoying an afternoon on the living room floor soaking in that darling face.

I'm thankful for all the photos that Tyler and Lara have sent to us over the past six months of Judah's life (thank you again for that you two!). But wow...there is just nothing like seeing him in person!

So very thankful to be here this week-end with our beloved family.

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  1. Oh my heart! Love love LOVE this glimpse into your reunion with these three dear ones. And Judah! What a darling! So very happy for you, my friend!