Friday, May 6, 2016

JV Family Day

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day...oh what an awesome God! He gave us such a rich, beautiful day at JV conference today!

After an incredible morning of worship, teaching, honoring people and lots of sweet fellowship, we packed into cars and headed out for our annual JV Family Day.

Each year we do something fun all together, as the JV family. We've had carnivals, been to circuses, had hoe-downs and luaus, sport's days and prom, been horseback riding and to the science museum.

But one of my all time favorite JV Family Days is what we did today...a trip to the Ostrava zoo!

There is something so fun about an afternoon of being able to wander in a beautiful space, enjoying lots of great conversations and time together.

My brother and sister-in-law, enjoying time with Jack, one of our JV board members

Did I see many animals? Not so much! I was honestly too busy talking to notice anything but a few goats in the petting zoo, and some noisy flamingos at the entrance!

After zoo time, everyone was on their own for dinner in the city. Families with little kids made plans to be together, the singles all headed off on their own, and we joined in on a wonderful surprise 50th birthday party for Heidi Carlson!

What a special evening honoring her and sharing in lots of great conversation and time with our JV family. It was the perfect ending to JV Family Day!


  1. Looks like the party with Heidi was a huge success!!! I'm so glad! Thanks for posting so we could see! And so glad we made your blog! Really was a fun day!

  2. I love that JV family! Would have loved being there with everyone too. :) It's amazing to me to think that the last time you did a JV Family Day at the zoo was in my senior year at BMA. I stayed home from the zoo to study for maturita, which was coming up really soon at that point. And now I'm in my senior year at Moody and only have one more semester left.