Monday, May 2, 2016

Fusiondary in Frydlant

What happens when six hundred and fifty teenagers descend on to the main square in your home town??

Well, in our case, it looks something like this!

If you'd been here in Frydlant this past week-end, you too might have been dressed up in the national costume of Ukraine. Ukrainian students, along with hundreds of students from six other JV countries, were in town all week-end for "Fusiondary", a spectacular festival put on by our JV Fusion team.

It was three full days of Fusion concerts, workshops and seminars, a Crazy Carnival (which is where these pictures were taken at), coffee shops, a “Divine Attraction” concert (they are our Exit Tour band), and many other activities for fun and for going deeper with each other and most importantly, with God.

What exactly is Fusion?

It's a JV led ministry designed to reach out to unchurched youth through evangelistic rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups.

And Fusiondary is an event designed to bring together those Fusion groups to perform, inspire, learn from and encourage each other.

The theme of this year’s event was "Challenge Accepted", with the program designed to encourage students to think about accepting the challenge of taking a step of faith towards God. Excellent, relevant and powerful messages were given throughout the week-end encouraging students in that direction.

Standing in the back of our Frydlant cultural house on Saturday evening as Fusion choirs performed, I felt like my heart was going to burst from the depth of joy I was experiencing.

That night was such a beautiful representation of our vision...the one Dave penned on the shores of Lake Geneva twenty five years ago.

"A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe ..."

It was happening, right there!!

" ... that finds its home in the local church..."

What's unique about each of the Fusion choirs is that they all have their home in a single local church. It's not a city wide choir or an unconnected youth club, but rather a ministry that is birthed in a church, among a body of believers who carry the responsibility for reaching the students.

When a church takes on a Fusion choir they provide a "home" for it, and take on all the tasks of making it happen. That includes everything from musical direction to Bible studies to food at the end! Our JV Fusion team trains the churches in how to do all of this, and some of our JV missionaries are actually in those local churches leading the choirs.

" ... And transform society."

That's what we want to see! A movement of God that brings true, lasting transformation to individuals, and to the society of these nations.

"A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe, that finds its home in the local church and transforms society."

That vision was alive, well and active this week-end at Fusiondary!

How I praise God for what He is doing throughout this region of the world, for how He's changing the lives of young people and calling them to Himself.

I can't believe we get to be a part of His amazing work!

Photo Credit: Mára Dušek
UPDATE: May 4, 2015

I heard today that 35 teenagers put their faith in Jesus at Fusiondary!! May those decisions hold firm and may those young people stay followers of Christ the rest of their lives.


  1. I was surprised when I didn't see you at the carnival. Now I realize it's because I wasn't looking for someone wearing traditional Ukrainian garb. You look so cute! It certainly was a fun event.

  2. Oh Connie....I am filled with JOY to overflowing just seeing these pictures of ALL THESE kids gathered in one place for this event. It is incredible to see the vision that God planted in Dave and you 25 years ago in living color. I celebrate the work God is doing in and through your lives and all for HIS GLORY. So exciting! (and you get triple missionary points for your outfit! Love!)

  3. It's absolutely AMAZING, GLORIOUS... I Love it!!!!!