Monday, May 9, 2016

Best Cappuccino

There is a good chance that at least my adult sons, if not my daughter, will shake their heads and groan when they read this blog post (since they all are connoisseurs of coffee, and the boys are great baristas).

But in the spirit of keeping life real, here's my recommendation for the best cappuccino around.

Yes, that's right. It's at the gas station in town!

I discovered it a while back when I was in paying for gas and the woman behind the counter said I qualified for a free cappuccino because of how many liters I'd put into my car that day. Although I was expecting nothing more than a bad cup of gas station coffee, I accepted it.

Little did I know what treat I was in store for!

Tchibo, a German coffee chain of retail and cafes, has installed machines at the Benzina gas stations. Right there between the cigarettes and bottles of liquor (not sure what that says about coffee in the line-up between them) stands the means to a very good cappuccino for 33 Kc, or about $1.40. Who knew?!!

The woman behind the counter now smiles at me when I walk in. She knows I'm usually there for the cappuccino, with a little sprinkle of cinnamon on top that she puts on for me. Since we don't have many possibilities for "take out" coffee in town, this brings a little bit of happy into my life when I stop by!

And while I'm on the coffee theme today, I'm sending very happy happy happy birthday wishes to my dad who shares my enjoyment of coffee!!

"If I was with you today Dad, we'd go for coffee - you'd have your espresso and I'd have my cappuccino! I owe you next time we're together!!"

Love you much Dad!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

** Sad to say...just a few weeks after I wrote this post, they took out the Tchibo machine from the gas station! I stopped by to pick up a coffee to go and was so sad to see it had been replaced by something else that delivered a not-so-spectacular cup of coffee. And so it goes here! You have to enjoy things when you find them because you never know how long they'll last! **

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