Sunday, May 22, 2016

Meeting my Goal

A text late last night from a friend resulted in this view in the morning.

Yes that's a stroller, and yes I was out for a walk this beautiful Sunday morning!

My friend was teaching the women's Bible study this morning before church, but with her husband in Poland at the same conference as Dave, she didn't have childcare for her three children. She asked if I'd take the baby and said that someone else was going to take her two boys.

That resulted in a nice long hour and a half walk through Frydlant!

Walked by the JV/KAM office building in Frydlant a couple of times!

The benefit of walking this morning was not only the pleasant sights and sounds, but it helped me reach "Fitbit Goal Day", a once a year challenge that Fitbit offers its users. You were supposed to set your goals and have done your walking on Saturday, but since I was busy yesterday, I told myself I'd do it today instead.

Anything in green means I surpassed my goal!

I reached my goal in everything but calories burned. Which I don't really understand! How could I have walked 7 1/2 miles, with 75 minutes of activity, and only burned 1982 calories?? Sure seems like I would've burned more than that! But I'm happy I surpassed my goal in everything else.

Half of my steps were this morning with the stroller, and part of them were this afternoon, trying to reach my goal. It truly could not have been a more beautiful day to challenge myself.

I'm not a competitive person; except when it comes to competing with myself! So that was a fun challenge today and I like it when I meet my own goals!

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