Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Peace in Turbulence

This may not seem like a very impressive photo. But oh is it a precious one to me!

If you read about our problem with water two days ago, you know that we've been without water at our house since Sunday. I don't think I've ever gone so long without it, and now I realize just how precious running water is!!

A repairman came today, looked deep inside our pump chamber and said he'd never seen anything like this.

A section of the pump had simply fallen off.

How that happened, we have no idea.

I'm not one to quickly assume enemy forces working against us. But in the case of all the things that have inconveniently gone wrong lately, I'll tell you that I'm feeling "turbulence" in the spiritual world right now.

And with good reason, I think! There are SIGNIFICANT spiritual advances being made right now, even as I write. We are hearing about and seeing with our own eyes, a work of God among the young people of Central and Eastern Europe that is unlike anything we've seen so far.

Many are putting their faith in Jesus. Many are seeking answers to questions. Many are interested in knowing more.

So I'm okay with some turbulence! And in fact, feel a sense of peace knowing that God is on the move.

The repairman today simply put the pump back together. God is doing the same: putting people back together by drawing them to himself. There's bound to be some turbulence in the spiritual realm when that starts happening.

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