Thursday, July 20, 2017

Celebrating My Firstborn

This amazing daddy is having a birthday of his own today! ๐Ÿ˜„

Twenty seven years ago, our firstborn, Tyler, made his entrance into the world on this day!

It was unexpected. He wasn't due for another month. But the Lord knew his birthday was in July not in August! And so on a hot July day in Schwetzingen, Germany, he made his appearance and has been delighting us ever since.

Watching Tyler grow through these a son, brother, husband and now daddy...has brought us untold joy.

Tyler is strong in living out his faith and has deep knowledge of God's word. He is loyal and loving to all in his life, excellent in every endeavor, responsible and conscientious, and a lifelong learner! He reads and writes Hebrew, is a talented musician, bakes sourdough bread from scratch, gardens like a Patty (you have to know our history to understand that one...let's just say he takes after his grandpa, dad and uncles!) and is an utterly devoted husband and dad!

Love this photo of the three generations of Patty boys!

Tyler is celebrating this birthday in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he's currently living with his wife, Lara, and their two boys, as they raise support to come serve with Josiah Venture here in the Czech Republic.

Next year at this time, I just might get to celebrate my firstborn in person after many years of being apart on this day. That would be a gift!!

In the meantime, I'm sending all my love and hugs to Tyler on this special day of celebrating his birth.

"Tyler, you delight me! I love who God made you and am thoroughly enjoying seeing more expressions of who you are as the years go by. I thank the Lord for giving me the privilege of being your mom and look forward to seeing what God has for you in the years to come back here in Czech!! Have a great birthday today!!"

And hot off the press! Tyler sent me this photo today, on his birthday!

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