Saturday, July 15, 2017

Blog Problems

I wish I was a savvy girl with Blogger design skills. Because then I could perhaps solve this problem.

Is that what YOU see across the top of my blog too? It appeared a few days ago, and in fact, in a few other places as well on the front page. I have no idea why those "buttons" across the top are gray and blurry.

I have on my heart a blog redesign as it's been four years since the last one. But that takes time, effort and money since I need to find a new blog designer to do it for me.

In the meantime, I'll just keep blogging about life as the Lord brings it!

Though it's been chilly in the evenings (tonight it's 46F!), there sure have been some pretty sunsets!

UPDATE Sunday, July 16: I know what the problem is thanks to a friend of mine who told me what's going on. It's a BIG problem with Photobucket. If you click on that link you can read about it.

They changed their policies and are now charging people $400 a year to use their services. What were they thinking????

So, this is good prompting to follow through on my desire to redesign my blog. Could be sooner rather than later!

UPDATE #2: I've deleted all my "about" pages that had buttons using Photobucket pictures until I can figure out what to do about it. Kind of sad about that. But I'm hoping a new design is coming soon that will bring it all back to life!

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  1. Hi Connie!

    The problem is the images that were there were hosted on Photobucket and it recently stopped hosting photos for free. So now, all over the internet (especially on Amazon and eBay) there are those grey photos which tell you to update your Photobucket account (for $400 a year). You can read a little more about it here: and I'm sure some googling would help to find solutions.

    I'm sorry you've been affected by this! But hopefully this information has helped.