Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ten Marriage Amendments

When Dave and I were driving back from our honeymoon thirty years ago, Dave had a burst of inspiration.

"Let's write some amendments to our marriage vows, things that we want to be true about us and our family through the years!"

So, driving from Salzburg to Heidelberg (where we lived at the time), we wrote "The Ten Amendments to our Marriage Vows", important values that we have strived to keep all these years.

Last year when I published my book, "No Less Than Yes", I wrote about those amendments in one of the chapters.

A few months later, a Czech young woman that I've known for some years, told me she'd read the book and then asked if, as her wedding gift, I'd be willing to give her those ten amendments to hang on the wall in her new home with her husband. How that blessed me!

So with the help of Avery, a friend in the States who is a beautiful graphic designer (and interior designer - see her website HERE), I gave her the text and she designed the lettering that you see in the picture above! I had it printed and framed here in Czech, and gave it to the couple last week-end on their wedding day!

While I didn't get to be at the wedding (was so sad that I was sick over the week-end), it brought a lot of joy to my heart to pass on those values to this couple who both know and love Jesus and want their lives and family to reflect the Lord and bring glory and honor to him!

Congratulations Owl and Lucie!! May you have a rich and beautiful marriage for all the years ahead of you!

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