Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Pure in Heart

Caleb came down from camp at Malenovice this morning, to do laundry, have coffee with me, and go visiting.

His schedule at camp is full, but he kindly made time to go see our neighbors that live on the same lane as us, people he's known for the past 14 years. Why go visit them?

Because they have prayed every day for two years, that Caleb and Haley would have a baby. When they miscarried a year and a half ago, they intensified their prayers, praying first thing in the morning, and again before bed at night.

In the world's eyes, this brother and sister might be considered "less than". They have no money, they are dependent on their cousin to care for them, they are simple-minded (though very sharp) and they almost never leave their house. They were born in that house, and they will most likely die there.

And whenever that happens, there will be a BIG, HUGE, WONDERFUL party in heaven to welcome these two precious souls home!

Many years ago Dave led them to Christ, and truly, Jesus has lived in their hearts ever since. They read the Bible, they talk about the Lord with all our neighbors, and they pray. OH how they pray! I can't see them without being asked how my health is (they know I've suffered from migraines), or how our kids are (they keep up on all the details I share with them).

You can see the sister is holding something in her hands ... those are recent pictures I brought to her today of our kids and grandsons. They will put them up in their hovel of a living room (they aren't the tidiest of souls, to say the least) and will pray diligently for us as they look at them.

They often ask the same questions, so today wanted to know from Caleb if indeed he and Haley are having a baby (the sister and I have talked about this every single time she's come to visit over the past 6 months!).

Caleb so sweetly answered yes, and chatted with them for quite a while about the upcoming birth, thanking them often for their prayers.

Usually it's the sister who does all the talking. Her brother has a speech impediment so it's quite hard to understand him (not to mention that he's speaking Czech). But today when Caleb was telling them thank you for their prayers, brother replied, "Prayer worked!"

Indeed it did! God heard those cries from these two dear ones, and answered them in the form of the sweet baby boy who is growing at this very minute in Haley's womb. When he is born, and I tell brother and sister the news near the end of August, I think they will receive it as if they themselves were the grandparents!

We left blessed by brother and sister's simple faith, that allows them to believe God for babies and all sorts of other things. Could there be anything more pure than that?

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5:8

Kaylee was reluctant to leave their place; there are so many "delicious" aromas around there! :) 

I said goodbye to Caleb soon afterward as I delivered him back up at Malenovice. His team finishes camp and leaves tomorrow for follow-up in Vsetin, and then team debrief will take place over the next few days. He'll be back home with Haley in a week, with the next big event being the birth of their son.

I can hardly wait for that news to come!

What a blessed gift to have seen Caleb so often these past few days! And what a blessing to know that he and Haley have been so prayed over so diligently and faithfully by our dear neighbors.


  1. Ahhhh....Such a sweet and awesome story. I'm so glad they got to connect in person with Caleb. I know that when I met the woman (whom you called "Sister") I literally had never seen blue eyelike her. So clear and authentic that it was like they were piercing and deep. No guile...just beauty. True beauty. Thanks for bringing us along with you today. :o)

  2. Ah I love this, and I love them!