Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meeting Asher!!

One week ago today ... after a flight from Chicago, a drive from Atlanta, and an arrival in Chattanooga, Tennessee ...we met this PRECIOUS YOUNG MAN!!!

Born on June 12th, Asher David Patty was two weeks old the day we had the absolute thrill and joy of meeting this beautiful new grandson, born to Tyler and Lara.

Oh the deep welling up of emotion at that moment Tyler placed him in my arms! Before Judah was born, I had no idea what depth of love would spring up in my heart for grandchildren ... yet even still, I was surprised to feel that love so intensely once again as I held Asher for the first time.

And of course, it was pure joy to see and connect with our Judah again too!

He's starting to use his words, so I was treated to "bubbles" and "cucumbers", and oh so many other words (or variations of them!) over the following days.

Our lovely daughter-in-law is doing an AMAZING job at caring for these two precious sons. We COULD NOT be more proud of her, and Tyler, for the way they are raising their young family!

Papa was only too glad to get his turn with Asher too. I don't know what Asher is actually seeing, but it looks like he's got his eye on Papa!

There is certainly brotherly love going on in this family! It was so sweet to watch Judah pay attention to his baby brother, giving kisses and checking in on him regularly.

It's a crazy thought to think he'll never remember life without his brother! I have a feeling these two are going to be great friends, with the big brother leading the way.

While Tyler and Lara finished preparing dinner for us (such a gift of love and fully out of their gifts of hospitality!), I got to keep Asher swaddled up next to me, and play with Judah in the "kitchen"!

He chattered away, telling me what he was making and doing. I understood about 10%. HAHA! One day, he's going to be quite the conversationalist!

We enjoyed the evening with them, taking turns holding sweet Asher who barely made a peep all night! I'm sure that's not what he's like every day, but he sure was good-natured, calm, and completely at rest for the entire evening.

One of my favorite moments of the whole evening was when Judah brought his children's Bible to Papa and sat on his lap while he "read" stories (aka: tell the story in as few words as possible and move on to the next one!).

This went on for about 15 minutes; remarkable concentration for a 20 month old!

Soon it was bath and bedtime, so we got in a few more cuddles with the boys, and then headed out to get some sleep ourselves, excited that we had two more days to see these dear ones!

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  1. oh dear sister! we are on vacation this week and I am indulging in getting caught up on your blog and just had to comment on this one! I just loved the story and the photos to go with it! Precious!