Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July in Poland

How to spend the American 4th of July holiday when you live in Europe? Take a little trip over to Poland!

Our local Frýdlant church is having camp at H20, the Josiah Venture camp facility in Poland, so we headed over there this afternoon to check out how things are going.

We arrived just in time for the 4th of July Fusion concert!

There are 60 people at camp this week, 25 of whom are new and have never been to camp! Along with our team of leaders from our church here, they're joined by a group from one of our supporting churches, Christ Community Church in the Chicago area. Together, they're putting on an amazing camp!

And who else is there? Well, how about another round of next generation JV Kids?! Makes me remember the years when our kids were at camps with us, watching and participating in everything they could. Who knows, these could be the next leaders of JV!

There were some other very special people there as well. We've known Robert and Sondra for thirty years, going back to our ministry days with Malachi Ministries in Germany!

While I had reconnected with them last summer while in Colorado visiting Claire, Dave hadn't seen them in twenty years since they last visited us here. My reconnection with them is a fun story!

Earlier this year Sondra asked if there was anything she could do to help this summer, and as it turned out, there was a great need for a helper with one of our JV families leading this camp. So she arrived last Saturday from Istanbul, where she and her husband currently live, and has been on duty all week helping out with kids so that their mom and dad can do camp!

As it turned out, Robert came to camp just today to visit her, so we got to see both of them. What a great reunion! We hope they'll come see us at our home next week when they're on their way back to Turkey.

As always, we're praying for a great harvest of new believers at our Frýdlant camp this week. Seeing how God wove together all these people who are at camp right now, I expect that he has some wonderful stories that he's weaving in the lives of those who don't yet know him. I pray for that!

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