Sunday, July 9, 2017

At the River

After church this morning, we all took a trip to the river.

And witnessed the baptism of four precious young people who have recently trusted Christ.

Three of them came to know Jesus through our church's Fusion music ministry, and one was led to the Lord by a friend.

Oh the joy of witnessing their public profession of faith!!

With the Czech Republic being one of the most atheistic countries in the whole world (it ties for number one with Estonia), you are looking at such incredible miracles each time you see and hear of someone putting their faith in Jesus.

We celebrated with them as a church family by having a picnic back in town. Thanks to Petr and Lauren for ordering turkey and putting together such a nice afternoon!

With blankets and pillows spread out on the lawn of the building where our Fusion choir meets, we sat together for several hours enjoying a summer day with each other.

My long-time friend, Danca, (who I've known since she was 13!) was there without her family so we had time to just sit, catch up and enjoy some hours of conversation.

Thanks for the photo Lauren!

There is such a fresh wind of God's Spirit blowing over this land these days, with many recognizing their sin, asking forgiveness, and receiving Jesus as their Savior. In fact, in two weeks, we'll have another baptism!

Praise the Lord for all those He is calling to Himself right now!!!

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