Friday, July 21, 2017

While We Wait

For the past month, Dave and I have been sharing a car. Which means that sometimes I walk!

Dave left early this morning to go into the JV office, but I needed the car this afternoon so walked into town to pick it up from him.

In June, we took my car into a garage to have the transmission looked at as it seemed that something wasn't quite right. It's turned into a much bigger deal than we anticipated.

The mechanic said in twenty years of business, he'd never seen anything like what had happened inside my transmission. He said he didn't even know how we possibly could have been driving it! This is the car that we bought in Austria when my other car died. It seemed to be a good car at the time, but obviously, something was going on inside it that we didn't know about.

Currently the mechanic is trying to find parts to solve the problem, and keep us from having to purchase a whole new transmission. He's motivated to find those parts because my car is up on the only lift in his garage so he's not able to do anything else. So I'm praying for him to find those parts SOON, mostly for his sake so he can get on with his business!

In the meantime, Dave and I are enjoying walks and bike rides into town when the other person needs the car.

We live in a beautiful place so those walks and bike rides are enjoyable!

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