Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wedding Day Delight

On a glorious summer morning, I drove down the valley from our home, headed to this scenic location.

I've driven down in the valley hundreds of times through the years, but never noticed this beautiful church on the hill above.

A friend told me that until this last year, the entire hillside that overlooks the valley, was covered in tall trees which explains why I'd never seen it! The view is absolutely stunning, especially on a gorgeous summer morning.

But I wasn't here to admire the view. I was here, along with many others, to celebrate a wedding!

Thirteen years ago an American family moved to our town, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, as missionaries to serve at Beskydy Mountain Academy.  Their first two nights in country, they stayed at our house...a mom, dad and their three children. The youngest was Paul Hugh, an 8 year old boy.

Today, that boy is a man, marrying his beautiful bride, Kristy!

They met as students at the same school where his dad still teaches, and over the course of years, fell in love and today became husband and wife.

The setting could not possibly have been any more beautiful for their wedding day!

With many photographers to capture the day, they took their vows, sealed them with a kiss, and became Paul and Kristy Till!

Paul's dad pronounced a beautiful blessing over them...

And his siblings who came from the States, Lucy Rose and Patrick, offered a beautiful song to add even more meaningfulness to the day.

This mature, delightful couple will be living in Slovakia as Paul continues his studies in theological education in preparation for future ministry that they feel God calling them to. I have no doubt that the Lord will use them powerfully in the years to come!

Dave and I had the privilege of doing their pre-marital counseling. What joy to pass on to them what we've learned about marriage, and watch them soak in and learn so eagerly. We have no doubt they're going to have a strong, healthy, amazing marriage, and be used by God to impact lives for the sake of the Gospel.

Behind wonderful children come wonderful parents! Both sets have done an incredible job at raising these dear children, now adults.

I hope when the parents go to sleep tonight, they hear the Lord say, "Well done!"

"Paul and Kristy, we wish you a lifetime of loving each other and the Lord!! May you grow deeper and richer in love with each other and with him as each year passes. We love you!"

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