Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dog Talk

This has been a very long week, particularly for one little member of our household who has been alone a lot as we've been busy with various things of the ministry sort.

She's spent a whole lot of hours alone at home, which I'm always so sad about. Yes, I know she's "just a dog", but still, I also know she has some feelings.

Which she expressed tonight when I got home.

No kidding, as soon as I sat down late at night after returning home, she was there, with her head on my lap, communicating all sorts of things to me.

"It's okay, I understand. You have to be gone sometimes and that's your job. But my job is to take care of you and I can't do that if you're not here. So can you stay home soon so I can do my job??" 😌

Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what she was saying. And yes, I'll be home soon!

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