Friday, October 19, 2018

Uber Karl Saves the Day

When Dave and I are traveling, it's sometimes tricky keeping our lives in order.

As the resident "travel agent" I book flights, cars and hotels; I watch over our schedule to make sure we don't double book; and I try to make sure we get to appointments on time.

So far, so good on this trip...until this morning.

Dave caught a ride to the office where he's having two days of meetings with our JV sending partners from USA, Canada and UK, leaving me the car so I could go to different meetings today.

That all sounded like a good plan. Until I realized Dave had the rental car keys in his pocket at the office!

To the rescue came, as my friend put it, "Uber Karl"!

Don't let his somber expression fool you! Karl is usually all smiles and laughs!

His daughter, Sarah, works at our JV office in Wheaton. I sent a message to Dave at the office asking if he did, indeed, have the keys which he affirmed. He took them out to Sarah at her desk, who wrote to tell me she had them for me.

But I had no way to get there to pick them up!

She suggested getting an Uber, but that would have meant taking it to and from the office. She thought for just a second and then said, "Let me see if my dad is available to run the keys to you..."

And he was! He dropped what he was doing, drove to the office to get the keys, and then drove on to bring them to me.

I tell ya...Uber Karl is way better than any other Uber driver! He saved the day for me, and made it possible for me to go where I needed to go today!

"Thank you Karl!! You made my day!!"

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