Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Patty Homestead

Having now owned this house for over 50 years, Dave's mom and dad moved into this house with their family in May 1968, when Dave was just 6 years old!

Though there were years when they didn't live here (they served as missionaries with Cadence International in Germany for 12+ years), it always belonged to them. They've now been back for nearly 30 years, continuing to make this home for all of us who live near and far.

Dave's dad will tell you that he's a farmer at heart, something he did with his dad in Oregon on the Patty farm, until God saved him and called him to be a missionary.

So it's no surprise that he continues to "farm" here in their backyard, next door and down the street at Dave's sister's house, in much the same way as he did when they lived here with the kids through their junior high and high school years. If you haven't heard Dave tell "garden stories" from his growing up years, you'll have to ask him about it the next time you see him!

There are still things growing in dad's garden this late in the fall; in fact, he'll pull up carrots through the winter, and have fresh herbs until it freezes.

And then there's his wood pile!

Did you know that all the kids went together and bought dad a new chainsaw...for his 90th birthday?! I wished I'd listened more closely to hear how many cords of wood he's got there, most of it cut and chopped by him! It's a LOT!!

We went around the back, though the alley to look at his garden next door where he grows everything from corn to eggplants and artichokes!

Mom and dad's niece, Carol owns the house next door to them and rents it out. One of the stipulations to the rental agreement is that dad gets to garden there!

This dear little yellow house in Englewood has so many memories for the Patty family!

It's always a joy to get to come and see mom and dad here, taking in all the familiar and heart warming sights.

But mostly we enjoy being with them here!

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  1. I've been busy and got behind on your blog. Catching up and these wonderful pictures showed up. Was thinking about my mom today and since the Patty's were such a big part of my life this was heartwarming to see. All that wood! Not sure who is ahead right now, Dick, or my Dad!