Saturday, October 6, 2018

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Claire texted me this morning to say that something was happening up at our little local airport, just a short walk from our house, asking if I wanted to go there with her.

I have literally walked this road hundreds of times over the years we've lived here, but this is the first time I've ever seen an event like this here!

Today is our town's "Drakiáda", which as you can probably tell has something to do with kites!

While in the States people are visiting pumpkin patches, apple orchards and corn mazes, here a popular fall event is Drakiáda - kite flying day. Our kids used to have it with school every year, so always needed a kite to go out with their class for an afternoon of kite flying.

But for the past three years the airport club at our little Malenovice airport has been sponsoring such an event for kids and their families. And today was the day for this year's Drakiáda!

It couldn't have been a better day weather wise - a nice fall temperature and lots of wind!

I was surprised to see how many people came out for it! But there were booths, a climbing wall and an open day at the airport for seeing the airplanes that are in hangars there.

We wandered out onto the airstrip, which is usually forbidden, to get a view right underneath all those kites flying in the air!

It was honestly one of the most endearing sites to see! Families flying kites with their children, people on the ground watching them, and sweet Czech folk music playing in the background. Kind of an epic and iconic type of fall day!

Claire and I couldn't resist sitting out on the airstrip too, watching the kites and admiring the 360 degree view from this spot.

You could see gorgeous views in every direction, including Lysá hora, the namesake of my blog!

Lysá hora is the highest peak on the right, with the tower on top.

What a perfect way to spend part of a fall afternoon. Next year I want to fly a kite too!

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