Sunday, October 28, 2018

Home at Bethany

For over fifty years, Bethany Evangelical Free Church in Littleton, Colorado has been the Patty family home church.

This morning we came to be in church, fellowshipping this with dear congregation of people who have faithfully stood by us, and many other missionaries for many years.

They surprised us this morning with a celebration for 25 years of leading and serving with Josiah Venture!

It seriously brought tears to my eyes as I walked into the fellowship hall and saw this beautiful sight! It's so like the people of Bethany to be this thoughtful of their missionaries.

Instead of the regular Sunday School hour, today was a church family gathering to give an update on the past 18 months of restructuring the church for growth over the next five years.

Scott, above, is their new pastor (and his wife Meagan is on the left with their two month old daughter, Katherine!) and is doing a fantastic job of leading the church into a new season of life. We left so encouraged by the steps he, the elders and the faithful members are wisely and thoughtfully taking towards growth.

This man, Mike Harrison, is one of those faithful and faith-filled men who have stayed the course at Bethany. He was Dave's 6th grade Sunday School teacher!

For years he led trips out to Czech for our summer English camps, and has been the champion of missionaries sent out by Bethany for even more years. We are so thankful for him!

He and Scott introduced us this morning and brought us up front for a short update, and to pray for us.

The churches who stand with us from the States mean the world to us, with Bethany having a special place in our hearts as the Patty family church for all these years! How good it was to be here this morning.

With Dave's cousin, Carol, who also attends Bethany!

"Thank you Bethany family for all your love, care, prayers and support for so many years!"

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