Sunday, October 7, 2018

Emergency Vet

This poor pup has been really sick for the past three days.

I've been up with her through the night for the past three nights, letting her outside her business over and over. Poor pup. It has not been pleasant in any way, shape or form. For either of us.

By last night, after three full days of this and no change, I decided to see if there was an emergency vet clinic open on Sundays. Thankfully I found one in Ostrava that was open for three hours this morning (our vet only works weekdays).

So off we went this morning, hoping for no accidents along the way, and answers once we got there.

Claire came with me and sat in the vet's office with us as we waited our turn to be seen.

She had called ahead to give all of Kaylee's symptoms to the vet so he was ready for us once we got into his office and was thorough in his examination and questions, trying to determine what was going on.

After taking blood to run a test, he took us to another room and gave her an IV to slowly rehydrate her.

Once the blood test results were in, and she'd gotten enough fluids, he brought us back to his office to give his diagnosis.

While the blood tests showed that it's likely to have been a virus, which can be treated by antibiotics, he gave us another diagnosis, something that is common in Cavaliers at this age: a deteriorating mitral valve on her heart.

He gave her several injections of medicine, and sent us home with more to give over the next days in hopes that will take care of the diarrhea (there, I said it!), lethary and lack of desire for food and drink. He's also going to put her on some heart medicine for now in hopes that it will slow the deterioration and bring some vitality back to her. We'll take her back in tomorrow for a check-up, and perhaps do a heart diagnostic to see exactly how she's doing.

I can't even begin to say what a relief it was to have someone work so professionally, yet compassionately, and be so thorough in his exam and diagnosis. We may just stick with this vet from now on.

This was in an area of Ostrava that I don't usually go to, so am not familiar with it. But Claire had been there recently and knew of a good coffee shop near by. I was happy to go treat us after such a hard morning (and night. I barely slept).

With probably the best Americano coffee I've had here in Ostrava, and a doughnut for breakfast, we enjoyed the relief of walking back to the car knowing Kaylee is okay for now.

These pets of ours..they are like family members! I'm so relieved that she seems to be responding well and was more peaceful as we left for home three hours later.

The vet kept the port in her paw in case he needs to infuse her again tomorrow, so she looks kind of pathetic as she lays here sleeping this afternoon. But I'm glad to know he has eyes on her, and will check her tomorrow to make sure everything he gave is working.

I've always loved this verse in the Bible, in Proverbs 12:10 - "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal...". I do have regard for my dear little doggy, so hope that is credited as righteousness!

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  1. Ohhh poor baby! I'm glad the vet was able to diagnose her and I hope she is feeling better soon. And her family too. It's so scary when our fur babies are sick! Sheri (It's stuck on my Buckets account)