Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Morning at Cedarville

We woke up to below freezing temps this morning here in Cedarville, OH and ice on our windshield!

But by the time we headed out, the sunshine was in full force on this beautiful fall morning.

We made the short drive through town to Cedarville University where Dave was speaking for chapel this morning.

Oh the joy of my heart to walk in and see this.

Not only did I see it, but heard the worship band's fervent prayers for chapel this morning.

And chapel is something that happens every day here at Cedarville!

So to hear them praying for God to break through student's heart TODAY and speak to them as only He could do was so heartwarming.

After worship, Dave took his place on stage to deliver the message God put on his heart for this student body of 4000.

After sharing a bit about JV, and the opportunity these students could have to serve with us as summer interns, he moved on to his message from Mathew 6:25-34.

The short version of it? When you are anchored in the care of your Father, and moved by His cause to advance the Kingdom, you can shift your worries over to his care and be relieved of carrying them! If you want to listen you can click HERE.

We met with students in the auditorium afterwards, ones like Colette who served with us this past summer in Latvia.

While Dave headed to lunch with some of the Cedarville leadership team, I headed to the cafeteria to be ready for students who had been invited to join us for lunch.

And here's where the reality of recruitment comes in. No one came!

But honestly, I don't know if I, as a college student back in my day, would have gone to sit with strangers either!

So I struck up a conversation with three girls nearby, and one of them came to our display later on to pick up information!

With many college students today needing to make money during the summer to pay for school, it's not easy to "give up" a summer, raise support to do it, and leave family and friends to serve somewhere they've never been before.

But time and time again we hear afterwards from summer interns who "take the plunge" that it was the best investment they ever made. Not only do they get to do peer to peer evangelism, God so often works deeply in their lives, bringing transformation and clarification about who they are and what He wants to do for, in and through them.

We're praying for 150 summer interns next summer and hoping God raises up a number of those here at Cedarville.

Towards the end of our time at Cedarville today, a young woman came up to me and said she knew someone on our staff in Poland. It turns out she is from Canada and knows one of our JV Kids who came with her family from Canada when she was just a little girl, grew up in Poland and now has come back to serve with us!

And now this freshman is interested in missions because of hearing about JV through that JVK! She, along with more than 20 others, gave us their email information because they're interested in serving with us next summer.

I'm curious to see who all God will call to Central and Eastern Europe to serve with us as summer interns in 2019!

L-R: Mike Sullivan (serving with JV in mobilization), Mark and Charis (she served as a summer intern), me, Dave, Katka and Petr Michalcik (on JV staff in Slovakia)

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