Thursday, October 25, 2018

Blessings in Birmingham

 This morning in South Carolina was gorgeous!

We woke up bright and early to begin our drive to another location.

Not to see anyone, but to take another plane ride!

Ironically we flew from Charlotte, North Carolina, back up to Chicago where we had a short layover before our next flight down to Alabama.

A friend happened to text me that morning to say she was headed to Denver out of O'Hare, and amazingly we were able to meet up for about 20 minutes of sweet fellowship and prayer together, right there at our gate!

After that we flew on down to Birmingham to see some other friends.

Gray skies unusually greeted us here. When we've come in the past, no matter what season it is, it's always been sunny! The gray drizzly skies reminded me of home, so actually, it was comforting to arrive into a different scene than usual.

Just a little sideline...some may wonder how we keep going with all these travels. I can honestly tell you that we are so filled up by our times with people that it gives us energy rather than taking away. The privilege of being able to enter into people's live and stories is so meaningful, and we always leave feeling enriched!

Oh...and Starbucks now and then helps too!

We've known our friends in Birmingham for quite a few years, and they are dear partners with JV as well.

Oh how wonderful to be in their home, with their four boys, and share stories of what God's doing through their partnership with us!

They are doing a fantastic job of parenting these four little men, and it was a joy to share an evening with them in warm conversation, joyous laughter and rich fellowship.

And one more highlight? Coming up to our room to find this note in front of a basket of goodies!

So thankful for you McDonald family!! Come see us soon!

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