Sunday, July 26, 2020

Afternoon Drive

This afternoon Dave and I took a little drive into the mountains nearby.

It wasn't a drive without purpose though! We headed to Mlékárna Čeladenka, near Čeladna, the little town where Claire lives.

Up in the hills, where you'd least expect is, is a dairy farm that not only has milk "on tap" (as you can see below), but makes and serves THE BEST ice cream!

People come from all over to stand in line and wait their turn for ice cream that reminds me of my childhood, when it was made in a hand crank ice cream maker.

I have an intolerance to casein, the protein in milk. But for some reason, this ice cream doesn't bother me at all. Good thing because it's something so incredibly special; and everyone around here seems to agree!

There's really no place to sit down at the Mlékárna after you've received your order, so most people just stand outside, or return to their car, like we did!

There we sat, hardly saying a word to each other. This kind of treat is best enjoyed one delicious bite after another, without interruption while looking out to our beautiful mountains in this valley!

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