Thursday, July 16, 2020

Kindred Spirits

Yesterday I wrote about my Glory 5! girls, who I've been friends with for 36 years, and counting.

Not only did I write about them yesterday, but I got to see one of them yesterday! Laura came from Poland for the first time since March (because of coronavirus restrictions), for a girl's night with Amy and I here at our house.

We don't have a name for ourselves, but if I did have a name it would be something like "Kindred Spirits", as that's what we've been for 22+ years and counting as we've served together in Josiah Venture, and been the best of friends!

The last time we were together was March 9th, when Amy and I went to Poland for a ballet that was Laura's Christmas gift to us. Three days later the borders closed and haven't been open until just a few days ago.

Dave was in Prague so we had the house to ourselves, and literally talked from 2 PM to midnight last night! Oh how I love, treasure, and value these women in my life. They are one of God's most precious gifts to me, sisters in the deepest sense!

Thank you Amy and Laura for your abiding and enduring friendship, my kindred spirits!!

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