Sunday, July 19, 2020

Afternoon in Hukvaldy

Tyler, Lara and the boys continued the birthday celebration for Tyler this week-end (his birthday is tomorrow, the 20th), and invited us to come join them in the afternoon in Hukvaldy, a cute town just a half hour away from our home.

The coffee shop is in the building to the right of the church

A new coffee shop, Kav獺rna fara Hukvaldy, run by our favorite roaster, Father's Coffee in Ostrava, opened this week so we were all excited to try it out!

And they did not disappoint! What a great setting for fantastic coffee!

We headed across the street afterward, just to walk in the gardens of an old villa on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Judah ran ahead and came back with a gleam in his eye...

...excited to give his mommy some daisies!!

Caught this sweet family photo of Tyler, Lara and the boys!

And one in the other direction of Claire and I!

Unfortunately Dave had an emergency Skype meeting with one of our JV country leaders so wasn't able to come with us this afternoon.

Sad he had to miss some good hanging around time. 不 不 不

These boys love their adventures, and Tyler is so great at making them happen!

I forgot to take a picture, but while in the gardens we saw just one other family across the way - which was how we knew it was okay to go inside (plus there had been no sign telling us otherwise).

We hadn't been in there more than a few minutes when Claire got a text from her roommate asking, "Is that you across the lawn?" She and her family were the other ones in the garden! 不 不 不

I've known her and her parents the entire time we've lived in Czech...nearly 27 years. They were at the first church we served in, in Hav穩ov. What a sweet surprise to find them there. I hadn't seen them in years.

And what a sweet afternoon with our family, enjoying sunshine and time together.

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