Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Twelve Years in the Making

When we first visited Hvar with our vacation friends in 2008, and surprisingly found a piece of property to purchase, that we all went in on together, little did we know what would become of it in the following years.

As I wrote about here, it took us 7 years to eventually build a house that is a rental property six months of the year, and usable by all of us in the off season.

While it opened officially as a rental property in 2016, we have been slowly finishing small projects since then, with the last project being the driveway.

This was the house last December, when Dave and I were there for a few weeks.

And this is the house today.

The last project is finally finished! The man who built all the walls over the past five years, did the driveway this winter, before the lockdown for coronavirus. How thankful we are that he was able to complete it back then. We've been enjoying it so much during our stay this time.

Going forward, the house will just need regular maintenance and upkeep. This has been, and continues to be, a blessing and gift to us all - a grace from the Lord that we surely don't deserve, but that somehow in his mercy, he lets us steward!

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