Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Bearing with Me

For the first time during these days we've spent here on Hvar, Dave and I went down to the marina in Sveta Nedjela.

Mostly I haven't been up for anything extra while we've been here, due to pain I've been experiencing. But after my therapy session yesterday, I'm finally feeling a bit better and was ready for an outing!

We came down to Tamaris, one of two restaurants here in the village. We enjoy both of them, but tonight this one seemed to be the right spot to enjoy our first dinner out since arriving on Hvar. We'll be leaving soon so it's not only our first, but our last too!

I am so so thankful for Dave's patience with me these days (and all the simple meals we've had at our house). He's been helpful, loving, kind...and did I say, patient?!  Right now especially, he is the epitome of "...love bears all things..." from the passage in first Corinthians.

Thirty three years, three months, and nine days...and every day gets better with him!

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