Thursday, July 2, 2020

Seeing Friends

In normal times, we come to down to our house on Hvar in April with Mel and Amy, Dan and Laura (who we share the house with) to get it ready for the summer season of guests who rent it out.

But this year we were quarantined in our countries, Czech Republic and Poland, and unable to come down together to do that work. In fact, the borders only opened a few weeks ago allowing us to go into Croatia.

So instead of all of us going, just Dave and I came down, and he's been doing JV work during the day, and outdoor work by himself in the late afternoon and evenings to get it ready for guests (since I'm in pain most of the time, I haven't been able to help him).

Amazingly, some other friends from Czech are here on Hvar right now too, so came over to see us this afternoon.

Radim and Martina were married here back in October, and unbeknownst to us, had special gifts made for Dave and I, which they delivered today.

Can you see our new watches?! Radim owns Meoris watch company (do check it out! There are so many gorgeous watches that he has designed), so he and Martina chose one for each of us and engraved them on the back with our names, and the date of their wedding here on Hvar. How special!

After time on our terrace, we went down to the famous tree in Sveta Nedjela, the very place where they were married.

Dave and Radim jumped off the cliff (yes, that's a "thing"...and totally safe!) and then we took a few photos, remembering their special day nine months ago.

How we love these friends, and are so glad we got to see them today!

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