Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mall Meet-up

Lara wrote this morning saying that Tyler needed to have a meeting at their home around dinnertime, so asked if I wanted to meet up with her, Judah and Asher for dinner at the mall.

Of course!

The boys' choice? Ikea!

This was the very spot where we first went out for lunch when they arrived 2 1/2 years ago to live and serve with JV here in the Czech Republic.

These boys have grown up a lot since then!

Asher was just six months old when they arrived.

After dinner we headed over to the dinosaur play area in the mall.

It was closed for months due to coronavirus restrictions. And even now, no parents can sit inside on those purple benches, nor on the outer edge's seating area either.

But that didn't stop the boys from having fun, or Lara and I from having good conversation while standing and watching them have a great time!

These two brothers are so great with each other!

And do you know what Tyler and Lara just announced? They're having another Patty boy in December! Lara is already halfway through her pregnancy!

Gelato is good for growing boys, isn't it?!

While Lara did a little shopping, the boys and I hung out at the red bus in the mall. What is it about those little rides that go just up and down, that makes them so much fun?!

While we were hanging out here, Caleb called from Albania so we all got to talk for a bit; I wish I'd taken a screen shot of Charlie talking to his cousins!

So thankful for an evening at the mall!

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