Saturday, July 25, 2020

Week-end Guest

During the coronavirus quarantine of March-May this year, we had family spend the night here at our home every week-end.

But when Caleb and Haley were able to return to Albania, and we moved on to more normal life here in the Czech Republic (though still with restrictions), the overnight stays discontinued. That's what made it so special to have Claire come and spend this week-end with us!

Her roommate was hosting a bridal shower party at their apartment this week-end, so she came to stay with us. Such a blessing to have her!

We watched a movie together last night, made great meals, had fun conversation, attended an online webinar just for fun, and took a walk this evening!

While she and I "played", Dave was out chopping wood all day today!

Notice his clever opening for plugs that we use when we sit outside and work on computers at our table!

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of him working so hard to get us prepared for the winter, but it's sure nice to see a big old wood pile on our patio now!

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