Thursday, July 23, 2020

Creating Memories

Monday, July 20th, was Tyler's 30th birthday!

We had celebrated over the week-end with him, but on his actual day of birth, he brought Judah and Asher over to spend the morning with me while he had meetings at the office in Frydlant.

Our blueberries are ripe so first order of the day was a picking party!

We don't have so many that we "pick to save", so we just "pick to eat"! What's more fun than that?!

Our July weather has been pretty rainy, but this morning was glorious and allowed us to be outside. I wish I could put a video here of their little happy voices calling out as they run in the yard!

I had big paper leftover from the sign we made for Tyler's birthday, so we colored for a while together, and then moved on to coloring a box, and turning it into a space ship, complete with buttons colored on it by Judah!

How I love their imaginations, and delight in the simple things...even just sliding down the stairs on blankets! 🤣

Even lunch was an imagination station as they created "salami-blueberry" sandwiches. You don't even need bread for those!

After lunch they were eager to head outside again, so off we went towards the garden.

I often wonder what they'll remember from these early childhood days of playing at our house. They probably won't remember specifics, but I hope they'll remember the joy of summer mornings being outside in the beauty of God's creation.

Do you have memories of your grandparent's houses?

I remember my grandparent's cherry trees and blueberry bushes, and the grape arbor at my other grandparent's house, as well as the different kinds of treats each grandma had for us when we'd come over!

I think of my grandparents often when my grandkids are here at our house, and the specific memories I have with them, even from when I was very little. I am trying to be purposeful about making those kinds of memories with my own precious grandchildren even now when they're still young!

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