Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Spent the morning at the office in our Bteam meeting (that's our care team for JV), evaluating conference last week, and catching up on things with each other. Always love Tuesdays with our team!

When I arrived home, Tyler and Claire were already back from their brother-sister lunch together (love that they do that!). I was getting a bite to eat when Tyler called out to me, "Mom...can you come here?"

If you're a parent, you know there are different tones of voice for different types of situations. Most of the time I can read the tone of my kids' voices well...but this time I couldn't! I actually said, "Is something wrong?"

Much to my delight and amusement, it was anything but wrong!

While Tyler and Claire were out for lunch, they saw a flower shop so stopped in to see what they had...

...and bought flowers to plant for me!!

Just last night I'd stayed out until after dark, weeding my flower garden, which had been sorely neglected for several weeks...so much so that I had to pull up some flowers I'd planted earlier (they died when it snowed in early May) and fill three baskets full of weeds for the compost pile!

It looked much better this morning, but was looking empty too. I don't know when I would've gotten around to buying new flowers though. What a good surprise that Tyler and Claire did for me!

Tyler planted the first flowers he bought, but then decided to go back for more, even adding in some herbs to plant as well. Then came back and finished putting it all in for me.

I did some more weeding...

 And we got it looking quite pretty in the warm, afternoon sun!

Tyler made my day!

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  1. And what a pretty rock garden it is! I'm glad that made you happy. :)