Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer in Ministry

Yesterday I shared about our JV missionary kids, but today I get to talk about one specific JVK...

Tyler! He returned to Czech last Saturday, during our spring conference.

Tyler just finished his sophomore year at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. This may not be the phrase he would use to describe how much he loves Moody, but when I talk about it with others I always say he's a "pig in mud" there! :)

He has learned so much, grown so much, and been so deeply impacted by the faculty and students there, as well as at our home church in the Chicago area, Grace Church of DuPage, where he does his student ministry. It's been a perfect fit for him all the way around!

After spending last summer as a JV intern in Croatia, he felt led to come back to his roots and intern here in Czech this summer.

We're thrilled!

He'll be co-leading a team with Ryan Rayburn, a Moody grad who's been here to Czech many times to serve, who also happens to be a friend of Tyler's. Again...a perfect fit!

The internship starts next Thursday with a team leader retreat, and then a few days later the interns will arrive to do JV's version of the "Amazing Race" for three days to kick things off. They'll begin in Prague and have to make their way to Malenovice by facing numerous challenges in who-knows-how-many-cities along the way! It's a great team building time!

Once they've arrived, intern training will commence, including evening sessions led by one of the interns' dads...ha ha! It's Dave! He'll be teaching through the book of Ephesians for them.

After nearly a week of training, the teams will disperse to their various countries and begin preparation for camps which start around the first of July.

When I asked him what his heart and vision is for this summer these were his thoughts, as written by him:

"Could we expect anything less from our great God than a harvest? When the Gospel is proclaimed and lived out in a visible way, it impacts hearts. We're praying for tangible fruit that impacts this country for generations and generations to come. You could say I'm fully on board with the vision of Josiah Venture! That's where my heart is as well - to see a generation rising up in the strength of the Gospel to bring an entire nation back to Jesus."

Please pray for Tyler, as well as the 70+ interns who are headed this way to share and live out the Gospel this summer!

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  1. Connie, every time I read a post about your kiddos, I am blown away. I know there isn't a formula to raising children and that siblings can be different, but, wow! I love how on fire your children are for the Lord. I sometimes want to ship my kiddo off to live with you and Dave so that I can see the same kind of fruit in her life!