Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not my kind of job

Earlier today, when I was out and about, I had a blog post in my head about something...even snapped a few photos on my phone to go with it.

Went on my way after that, happily thinking I'd post about it when I got home this evening. It wasn't a big deal...just one of those details of life things in a day that I was taking note of. got messed up.

Where I'd been was at a tire shop. Let me just say...that is NOT one of my favorite places to hang out. It probably wouldn't matter if it was here, in the States, or in Hong Kong...I'd probably feel the same about it no matter where I was.

Dave had ordered new tires for me that I was supposed to just go to the garage, show them the paper, have them mounted, and be on my way. Okay. Easy enough.

So the post I had in my head was about how the only thing I like at the tire shop is the vending machine that dispenses a really yummy lemon tea for 6 Kc ($.33).

It's a tea that I've been drinking all the years we've lived here, when I've had to be in places I don't really want to seems like all those places (tire shops, customs departments, visa offices, etc) seem to have that tea in their vending machine and it makes the wait bearable when I can get a cup or two (or three...).

I did have my three cups of tea while I was waiting, making it was bearable to be there while I waited for them to take care of my tires.

But then...the mechanic walked through the door, right towards me and wanted to say something. AAGGHH! This is the part I don't like at these kinds of places.

I can talk about shopping, people, babies, health things...but I don't like to talk about tires! Honestly...I'm not sure it would be all that different if I was even speaking English!

What he wanted to tell me (I think) was that my winter tires are worn and would I like to have them thrown away.


I made a couple of frantic quick calls to Dave, trying to find out if this was in the plan. But he was out, having left his phone in the office (I know because I called Mel to try and track him down!) so I couldn't reach him to ask what to do.

Mr. Mechanic was waiting for me at this point to tell him what to do. AAGGHH!! He'd showed me the winter tires but for all I know they could be new...or ten years old. I don't know tires...nor the language to talk about them.

So...I made a guess. He's the expert. He knows tires. I don't.

"Okay...throw them away."

And off I drove, happy to be done with the tire shop, moving on with my day.

But then...Dave called back.

"You what?? You had him throw them away? Did they look old to you? Did you think they were bad tires?"

Now I have to say...Dave said all this in a kind voice...he wasn't mad! But I was feeling pretty mad bad by now and really didn't want to be having this conversation. We hung up with him saying he'd call the tire shop and talk to the mechanic about it.

A few minutes later he called back to say I needed to return to the tire shop - they were saving the old tires for me to pick up.


I didn't want to go to the tire shop in the FIRST PLACE!! And now I have to go BACK and pick those tires up?? Let's just say I was a little less than happy to hear that news (especially since I was downtown by now, 25 minutes away from the tire shop, doing some shopping).

But, after I finished my errands, I did return to the tire shop. Mr. Mechanic met me at the big garage door with a grin on his face (why do they grin??), had me drive back into the garage where all the guys were, and loaded the tires into my car as I held my breath HOPING he wouldn't say anything to me. I did not want to talk about this!!

Thankfully, he didn't and I was on my way in less than five minutes, breathing a sigh of relief that the chore was done.

But I still felt stupid.

And that's why I don't like to go into places like that.

"Honey, will you please go change the tires next time????"



  1. Oh Connie, I feel your pain!! Sometimes Petr sends me on "little" errands, like not so long ago dropping off the car at the little auto mechanic shop in Frydlant so they could fix the chip in the windshield. He said he'd already set it up, all I had to do is drop the car off. Easy enough, right?! So I go there, wonder where to park, finally decide on a place and get out of the car. No one comes out, and I don't know what to do. So I peer in the windows and see that there are 2 guys working in the back. I try to wave. No response. I knock on the window. No response. I knock louder. Finally the worker guy comes out and I say, "Here's the car and the keys. My husband said to leave it here for you." But of course it doesn't occur to me that he doesn't know which husband I am the wife of! :o) He just looks at me blankly and says, "What do you want me to do with the car?" "Ummmm, I think my husband wants you to fix that crack?" Then it all rings a bell and he nods and takes the keys and I trot off thinking, "I HATE doing stuff like that!" :o)

  2. This made me laugh more than almost any other post you have put on LBL. I could not see where you were going at first but then it was so compelling to see your DREAD at going back to pick up the winter tires. HA!!!!

  3. The funny thing is that with either decision you can lose. If you keep the tires that are supposed to be thrown away you are on the tab for the disposal fee. If you decide to dispose of them at the tire store it's possible that you are supposed to keep the tires for next year. It's a no win situation either way!!!

    Like Bill Clinton used to say..."I Feel Your Pain".

  4. Oh Connie, I absolutely hate having to deal with taking my car in for anything. I have no clue about cars and never know if I can trust the mechanic to tell me if something really needs fixing or if they just want to make a little extra money off of me. I'm so glad you got it all straightened out in the end!

  5. Well I sure hope you treated yourself to a Latte after all that!