Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We are Growing!

It might take me all week to post about our JV Spring Conference...it was that amazing of a week together with our team!

For now, I want to share some pictures of our JV family.


Dave told us all at conference that JV now has 204 staff members in 11 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. This photo doesn't show everyone in our JV family since this spring conference is for our North American missionaries, national country leaders, and both their families.

If we were to bring together everyone at one conference, it would be...a lot! I don't even know how many! But at this conference we had 207 people, which included the above mentioned people, as well as child care workers, guests checking out JV, a JV board member, and some of our JV staff who are in the States.

Now...take a look at THIS!

In this pictures are all of our JV Kids, with the exception of one dad sitting with his girl down in front, and Ashley Ross (top, middle, next to Caleb), our new JVK care person who just came to the field in April! Otherwise, the rest are all our missionary kids!

We have had a significant increase in children over the past couple of years...we love that! There are many young families who have joined JV in the past two years...and recently there has been a baby boom in JV! Take a look at this!


In the past fourteen months, thirteen new JV babies have been born! That is great multiplication for the Kingdom right there!

On the left side, you'll notice Brian and Aleisha Stephens holding their twin boys, Gabe and Alex! While Aleisha wasn't at the conference (the boys and Aleisha came home from the hospital on Monday, a little more than two weeks after they were born, and conference started Wednesday...a little too soon to have them at conference!), they did bring their boys up for our baby recognition one evening. It was SO fantastic to have them join all the other JV babies and to pray over them all!

You'd have to be at a JV conference to feel the joy of being together with this family...there really is nothing quite like it! We are so proud of our team and love them dearly!

** All photos courtesy of Greg Carlson, our Poland country leader. THANKS Greg!!**

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  1. I LOVE that in the picture of the JVK, almost every "big" kid is holding a little baby, sometimes even two!! Wow, this picture has changed a lot since last year! We actually look like a big group now!!