Wednesday, May 11, 2011

JV Spring Conference

Our annual spring conference starts this evening with over 200 of our missionaries and families.

Many are on their way right now, from as far as away as Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Romania. Those from the nearer countries will be here too: Poland, Czech, Slovakia.

Our child care workers from the US (thank you Scottsdale Bible Church!) are already here getting things ready for the little ones, while a couple from Blackhawk Church in Ft. Wayne, IN are here to run our older kids' program. We are so thankful for these servant-hearted people who are here to serve our JV family!

Dr. Erwin Lutzer and his wife are here as well, and he will begin speaking tomorrow morning.

It's a full house!

Will you pray for spiritual refreshment and encouragement for our JV family?

And also you can be praying for Dave. He woke up with a sick stomach and has been vomiting all day. I wouldn't normally share that kind of detail (TMI?!) but we need your prayers!! Dave leads the conference and of course longs to care well for his team this week.

Thanks for your faithful prayers for us! I will probably be off-line this week...except maybe on Saturday I'll post pictures from our annual family day activity...this year it's prom, JV style! That ought to be fun! :)

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